• Do you feel like you are spending all of your time and energy trying to grow your business but are seeing little return?

  • Do you sometimes struggle to articulate your vision, values and purpose in a way that is meaningful to others?

  • Do you aspire to lead or be part of a high performing team but your efforts to unite and build cohesion are falling short?

If you want to change the depth and quality of your relationships, this course is for you!

Learn how to:

  • Build massive trust by aligning your words, tonality and body language behind a single message

  • Develop high-trust relationships among team and community members

  • Have meaningful conversations that convert

  • Build engaged and inspired communities that spark change

  • Make great first impressions by entering every interaction fully engaged and present

  • Drive breakthrough results that are sustainable

  • Develop a shared framework for dialogue

  • Move from conflict to collaboration

  • Increase team engagement and morale

  • Improve productivity and efficiency

If you desire to have increased influence and broader impact, this course is for you!

This course is ideal for...

  • Network Marketers

    Network Marketers who want to rapidly scale their business and grow their team by building meaningful relationships and creating a strong sense of community.

  • Business Leaders and Workplace Teams

    Business Leaders and Workplace Teams who want to build commitment, community and enviable workplace culture.

  • First Responders

    First Responders (Fire, Military, Police) who work in fast-paced, high stress environments and want to streamline and optimize every interaction for improved operational impact.

Course Outline

Delivered in 6 Modules over 6 Weeks

  1. 1
    • Course Introduction

    • Shifting the Paradigm: Reframing the Way You Think About and Understand Communication

    • LESSON: Shifting the Paradigm

    • WATCH: Celeste Headlee

    • EXERCISE - Reflective Analysis BASELINE

    • HANDOUT - The I Care, You Count™ Five Practices for Effective Communication

  2. 2
    • PRACTICE 1: Know and Understand Yourself

    • LESSON: Communication from the Inside-Out

    • EXERCISE - Communication Skills SWOT Analysis

    • WATCH - Rethinking Thinking (The Ladder of Inference)

    • EXERCISE - Ladder of Inference

    • ONLINE ASSESSMENT - The Typefinder® Personality Test from Truity

  3. 3
    • PRACTICE 2: Speak Lightly

    • So What About Words? Part 1: Say What You Mean...

    • So What About Words? Part 2: What NOT to Say...

    • EXERCISE - Reframing Messages

    • HANDOUT - How to Say Anything in 4 Easy Steps

  4. 4
    • PRACTICE 3: Listen Deeply

    • Listening Part 1: Understanding and Skills

    • Listening Part 2: What it Means For You

    • WATCH - William Ury

    • EXERCISE - Personal Listening Profile

    • EXERCISE - Common Listening Blocks

    • HANDOUT - Active Listening Techniques

  5. 5
    • PRACTICE 4: Be Congruent

    • Congruent Communication

    • WATCH - Joe Navarro

    • READ - 10 Tips to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication

  6. 6
    • PRACTICE 5: Follow the Rules!

    • The RULES

    • HANDOUT - Rules for Effective Communication

    • BONUS HANDOUT - Written Applications of the I Care, You Count Principle™

    • BONUS HANDOUT - Feedback Flowchart

    • Course Wrap-up and Good Luck!

Grow your business and lead your team in a way that actually FEELS GOOD.

Change the conversation to one of POSSIBILITY. Feel confident, comfortable and capable in all situations. INSPIRE and ENABLE others.

  • Network Marketers will experience: Rapid business growth, elevated engagement, enviable influence and desirable impact.

  • Business Leaders and Workplace Teams will create: Highly professional environments with increased productivity, efficiency, engagement, retention and morale.

  • First Responders (Fire, Military, Police) will gain: Increased efficiency, clarity, collaboration, connection and strong organizational culture.

If you want to build cultures of collaborative conversations, this course is for you!

Pricing Options

If you have a group or team that you would like to put through this program and would like to speak to us about custom group pricing please contact us at [email protected] or choose from the options below. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Taxes are included.

If you want to create shared framework for team development, this course is for you!

Meet Your Trainer

Margaret Palmer

With experience spanning more than 25 years and involving thousands of people from more than 40 different countries around the world, Margaret brings a unique perspective and deep understanding to the conversation about what it means to communicate and lead effectively. She believes deeply in the potential and capacity of every human being and emphasizes the need to make sure people feel valued and appreciated. That said, Margaret has little patience for “fluff,” is not big on scripts and formulas in communication, and has, in fact, been labeled the “least touchy-feely” trainer many have encountered in the field of Leadership and Communication. Margaret’s acclaimed I Care, You Count Principle™, developed through her work over the past two decades, has found success from the breakfast table to the battlefield to the boardroom while working with groups spanning multiple sectors from corporate to non-profit to military. When followed correctly, her Five Practices will open up the possibility of success in both personal and professional relationships beyond your wildest imagining.

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Delivering effective feedback that will be perceived as having real value and that will bring about positive change involves more than just the conversation itself. Before the conversation takes place, the person delivering the feedback should be able to confidently answer yes to each question in the Feedback Form.